Tips For Taking Care of Your Old Dog

Tips For Taking Care of Your Old Dog

If you want to keep your old dog healthy and happy, then there are some necessary steps that you can take in order to do so. Perhaps one of the most important preventative measures is to have you dog examined by a veterinarian every year, or may even more frequently in that.

It’s important that you keep your dog’s weight in check just like any other human being would. Being overweight is just as big a problem for dogs as it is humans and it can cause issues like joint pain, diabetes, arthritis, and even liver or kidney problems. While it is nice to be able to give your dog a treat once in a while, you’ll want to limit the number of treats that you actually do give him. Be sure that you are feeding your old dog the proper amounts of food at least once a day, or perhaps even split that amount into to smaller portions and feed him twice a day. It is also a good idea to educate children on why feeding your old dog food outside of his regular feeding times is not good for him. This will help prevent the problem of overeating.

Water is important for keeping your old dog hydrated so it is important that there is always fresh water available for your old dog to drink. If you’re dog has trouble moving about the house, don’t be afraid to have multiple drinking sources located throughout the house that he can easily get to. You may even consider bringing the water to him if he has a lot of trouble walking around.

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Exercise is very important for keeping your dog healthy and active so you’ll want to try and take your dog for walks on a regular basis. This will promote good circulation of the blood and also will help them digest their food after they have eaten. Exercise is a great way to promote overall good health and keeps your dog happy.

Depending on your dog’s eating preferences, it may be necessary to switch to a canned dog food which is more moist than the dry bagged dog food that you would typically buy. As a dog ages his teeth become weaker and it may be more of a pain for him to try and eat the dry dog food that he has been used to. Canned, moist dog food will eliminate this problem all while still giving him the necessary nutrients and vitamins that he needs from his food.

These are just a few tips that you can make use of to keep your dog healthy and happy. Remember, regular vet checks, proper eating habits, and daily exercise are some of the most important activities that will help keep your old dog healthy and active.