The Easiest Ways to Travel With a Small Dog

The Easiest Ways to Travel With a Small Dog

For many of us, our dogs are an integral part of the family. So when we plan our vacations, it is only natural that we include our pets in those plans. Traveling pet has never been more popular, especially with smaller breeds of dogs since they are easier to transport. However, while it may be growing in popularity that doesn’t mean it’s easy in any way.

There are some necessary steps to take in the planning stages of your trip when you are traveling with dog. You have a number of questions to think about and several provisions to make. If you are a pet owner who has never traveled a long distance with your dog, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. As long you plan right and get the correct information, you can undoubtedly avoid any possible problems.

Overall, you will want to put some thinking and time into planning on how to make the trips comfortable, safe, and stress free for your dog. A smaller breed of dog is typically excited at home. Put it into a new surrounding with new experience and it is probably going to be very anxious to say the least. Similar to how you would plan for traveling with a child, you need to do the same with your dog’s comfort and entertainment. Make a list of what pet supplies are essential for your journey, for example treats, toys and puppy pads. Dog treats are a wonderful way to calm or relax the dog.

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It is important the dog is secure. This can be either in a harness or a dog crate. Just don’t forget that like you, the dog will have to stop for bathroom breaks as well as stretch its legs occasionally. If you begin to feel a little cramped after sitting in the car for several hours, imagine how your pet feels. So always make planned stops on your trip for your dog.

After you finally reach your destination, you know need to think about a place to stay. Unless you are staying with friends or family, then it is important to keep in mind that not all hotels are pet friendly. Always check beforehand making any kind of reservations. Plus it always helps to check if there are fees or restrictions regarding your dog. While you may unconditionally love your dog, not everyone is an animal lover. It is up to you to have your dog feel loved and comfortable during the trip.