Taking Good Care of Your Dog

Taking Good Care of Your Dog

You dog has a personality just as you do and many of the same emotions and feelings. For example, dogs get bored, frustrated, excited, happy and sad. It’s really important that you treat your dog as you would like to be treated were you in their place. With love and attention your dog will reward you with so much companionship in return. Knowing that you are taking care of your pet well and creating happiness is extremely rewarding in itself.

If you own a dog you own a responsibility. This responsibility is to make time in your day, no matter how busy, in order to provide what it needs. This can be anything from play time to walking to keeping its meals healthy and varied. All pets can suffer just as we do so make sure you are creating a great environment for your dog to enjoy.

This is especially true if your dog is left unattended for long periods each day while you are at work. Dogs are naturally sociable creatures and they will certainly find isolation hard to cope with for extended periods. It can also become very boring for a dog to spend its life in just a few rooms of the house or a small back garden without a daily release such as an evening walk.

Could you imagine yourself sitting in room for 8 hours with no TV, magazines or books and nothing to occupy your mind? You would get pretty bored pretty fast and this is how you must see things from your pets perspective. Make their life enjoyable!

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Aside from love and caring the thing your dog will appreciate most is walking on a daily basis and play. Playing is actually the fastest way to bond with a dog. By doing the simple things right you’ll be giving your dog a happy life rather than one where its needs have been forgotten.