Taking Care Of Your Dog During The Winter Months

Taking Care Of Your Dog During The Winter Months

With winter just around the corner it is time to give some thought on the steps you can take to keep your dog healthy and safe during the long and cold winter months soon approaching in many parts of the globe.

One hazard to be keenly aware of is antifreeze, it is extremely toxic so care should be taken when pouring it into your car since dogs are drawn to the taste and will not hesitate to lick up any spilled drops. When filling your car with antifreeze check the ground for spills and clean up any that may occur immediately, and of course store antifreeze well out of reach of both children and pets.

Winter walks are both fun and refreshing but road salt is very irritating to dogs’ paws, wiping them with a warm, damp cloth after the walk will be soothing and minimizes the damage that road salt can cause to your dog’s paws. Some dogs have fur growth between the paw pads, trimming it will prevent tiny ice particles from forming and causing discomfort to your dog. While on walks don’t let your dog eat snow, you don’t know what may be in it, and be aware of any frozen ponds, rivers or lakes near by as it may become a danger both to you and your dog.

Grooming your dog often will keep the coat well insulated. Tiny dogs and dogs with short coats may need to be safe guarded from cold temperatures with a sweater, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, unless of course your dog is fashion conscience, but one that is easy to put on and keeps in warmth will do just fine.

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In extremely cold weather limit the time your dog spends outdoors. And as is true in summer, so also in winter, don’t leave your dog in the car.