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Great Details and Specifics About Pacific Sanddab Sizes

The most common type of all sanddab species is the Pacific sanddab. It lives in the same habitat as the longfin and speckled sanddab. Most of the Pacific sanddab sizes, which is a kind of a flatfish, are medium. It has light brown color with some spots of black or brown, which can also be orange or white at certain instances. Various Pacific sanddab sizes are prevalent to the northern Pacific Ocean. These are scattered from the Sea of Japan on to the coast of California. The young ones prefer shallow parts of the water, while moving on tide pools at times. The adult species are usually located at depths of 50 up to 150 meters.
Other Details
No matter what the Pacific sanddab sizes are, this kind is known to be an opportunistic predator. It eats smaller fishes, numerous kinds of crustaceans, octopus, worms and squid. This may not be popular as delicacy in many parts of the world, except in California where this is used in many cuisines. This is also the reason why this is considered popular game fish in California.
The Pacific sanddab sizes are known in many names, such as soft flounder, megrim, sole, sanddab and lenguado in Spanish. This is a left-eyed flatfish that is part of the Bothidae family. The body is compressed and comes in oblong shape. The eyes, which are situated at the left side, are large. Its head is also deep. To compare and distinguish this species from the longfin sanddab, you have to look at the length of its pectoral fin on the side where the eyes can be found. The fin comes short than the head of any Pacific sanddab sizes. It is also longer than the longfin’s head. There may be other left-eyed fish, but this can be distinguished though the lateral line that runs straight on its entire length.
The female ones mature by the time they get three. At this point, these acquire length of about eight inches, which is typically larger than the males. Every female fish spawns more than once per season and it is able to produce many eggs. The spawning season is at its peak from the months of July to September.
About the Size
This type of fish can get up to 41 centimeters in length or 16 inches, with weight of two pounds. The types that are 10 inches in length weigh less than 1/3 pound.
Different Pacific sanddab sizes can be easily distinguished by the length, behavior and overall appearance.…