How to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Other Pets

How to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Other Pets

The process of bringing a new puppy at home and introducing him to the other pets should be handled very carefully. Following are six steps which should be followed while introducing your pets with the new puppy –

1. Always feed the other animals in the house before you bring the new puppy in your home. Give them a small snack.

2. After getting the puppy, introduce him to all of the other pets somewhere outside your house. This is very important especially in the case of some dominant animal already in the house. In this case, make sure that you make him meet the new puppy at least a block away from your home.

3. For at least forty five to one hour, take a walk with the existing animals and the new puppy. You should let your pets sniff the new puppy and play with him.

4. After this, you can go home with both sets of animals. Once you reach home, just roam around in the house for few minutes. This will let the animals get adjusted with the new pet that has arrived in the house.

5. After this, you should feed the established pets another snack but don’t give anything to the new pet.

6. After some time, give the established pets a full meal, and put an extra bowl for the new puppy also, but don’t let him eat from it. Always feed the new puppy after the older pets have been fed. Feed the established pet again, and this time put a bowl down for puppy. This will teach the established pets to not to eat from the puppy’s bowl.

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