How To Help Your Child Take Care Of a Pet Dog Better? Some Useful Tips

How To Help Your Child Take Care Of a Pet Dog Better? Some Useful Tips

If your child is very enthusiastic about the idea of having a pet dog in the house, then you may not have to run behind the child asking him or her to take care of the pet. However, this does not mean adult supervision is not required when your child is taking care of the pet. You will have to teach certain basic points to the child even before you get the pet dog in the house.

The first and the most important rule is that the pet dog is a living animal and not a toy. It is natural for the child to feel curious about such a living being. There are numerous instances where the pup has had its leg broken simply because the child wanted to find out how would it behave if its leg was twisted.

This is only going to create fear and aversion in the mind of the pup as far as children are concerned. You will have to explain that the pup is completely different as compared to a toy which will not feel pain when it is mishandled. Despite your advice, you should be prepared for mistakes to occur.

That is why you should let the child interact with the pup only under adult supervision. Of course, the child may behave properly in front of you and may try to satisfy its curiosity when alone.

However, you should not allow such a circumstance to develop. Rather, you should be very clear that the child shall not move alone with the pup until and unless you are satisfied that the child understands how to treat the pet.

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Secondly, the child should be taught that the task of caring for the pet is a permanent one. If the pet is taken care of well, it is going to live for at least 10 to 15 years. This means that the responsibility is a long term one and the child should be prepared for the same.

Getting a pet dog during the school holidays often leads to problems when school starts. Once the child becomes busy, it may start ignoring the pet. You should make it very clear that such a decision is not acceptable.

It is advisable to provide incentives to the child if it takes care of the pet properly. Of course, you cannot always focus on greed alone. However, additional benefits will often act as an incentive.