How to Choose the Correct Dog Breeds

How to Choose the Correct Dog Breeds

You have finally decided to get a dog for your family. You are excited and ready for a new family member.

You did your homework. You asked around. But there are over 150 dog breeds, which should you choose? And how will external factors affect your decision? Here are some questions that you must ask yourself before you buy the dog. Do not make a hasty decision as it will be yours for life.

1. Does the law in your country allow certain breeds? In Singapore, certain big dogs are not allowed in high-rise flats. There are also dogs that are not allowed in my country. Be sure to check with the authorities first before you decide.

2. How much time can you spend with your dog? If your job requires a lot of your time, you should only consider the types of dogs that are not too dependent on their owners. You might even want to drop the idea of having a dog.

3. Do you have children in your house? Some breeds are suitable for families with children. You should buy a dog with good temperament, and should not be too huge in size.

4. How much space do you have? If you are living in a small place, don’t buy a big dog. Dogs need space as much as we humans do.

5. How much time can you spare to groom your dog? You must be willing to spend time to groom your dog each day. Dogs like the Golden Retrievers shed hair easily. So, it is important that you choose a dog that fits your grooming schedule.

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I hope these 5 questions will help you explore the different breeds that you can consider when getting a dog.