Giving Your Dog a Bath: How to Do It Right

Giving Your Dog a Bath: How to Do It Right

Hygiene is just as important to dogs as it is to humans. Hygiene is an extremely important aspect in taking care of a dog and is a great way to keep them well and help them fight their own infections. Also remember that dogs are more active than humans and your dog may love to play around in the dirt most of the day. Just as you would give your child a bath after a day in the mud, you are going to want to also ensure that you give just as much care for your dog and ensure that he is also clean at the end of the day.

Before you start giving your dog a bath it is important to consider a few points and make sure that you are aware of these points first. For one, remember that there are recommended needs for your dog when it comes to bathing. You can keep giving your dog a bath three times a day. This would dry out their skin and cause quite a good deal of hair fall. At the same time you should also make sure that you have the right soap for your dog. There are soaps which are specific to the needs of dogs and they help combat the diseases which dogs face. You can also go a step further with organic shampoo and soap that can help ensure your dog is clean but aren’t in danger of harsh chemicals. Once you are able to get all the important pieces of information, you can go about bathing your dog.

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For most pet owners, bathing a dog can be difficult. Here are some ways to make sure the process is as quick and simple as possible.

• Get everything you need beforehand – The last thing you want is to be searching around for soap when your dog is in the water. If your dog is rambunctious, you run the risk of him running around or trying to escape while getting the soap and you will end up with a right mess.

• Prepare your dog – Few owners can attest to the fact that their dogs love to take a bath. That’s because few dogs want to get into the water. You have to make sure that you gradually ease your dog into taking a bath. Let them hear the water, let them feel the water and slowly ease them into it. Forcing them into bath mode isn’t going to work and just like you, they need to be prepared

• Get help – If your dog is big you can’t handle him on your own. Regardless of how strong you are, a big strong dog against one human is going to end up badly. Have help on hand if you know your dog will struggle.

• Have a process – Start the bath by soaping your dog’s shoulders and work your way down. Massage the soap into his skin like you would do if you were shampooing. Be careful around eyes and ears and rinse in the same process.

Giving your dog a bath can be great fun but can be difficult too. Being prepared for the task is essential in doing it well.

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