Caring For a Dog – Keeping Your Dog Safe

Caring For a Dog – Keeping Your Dog Safe

Pets bring so much love to a home and family.  They are more then just a pet; they are an extension of the family.  We love them, care for them, and give protection to them, just like we do with our families.  Caring for a dog is very important to ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy. 

Like humans, dogs need to have plenty of exercise, to keep them fit and healthy.  It keeps them from becoming over weight and helps their muscles, joints and bones stay strong.  Dogs need to have daily exercise to be able to maintain good health.  Going for walks and taking time to play and run with your dog, will keep your dog young and active.  Playing catch or throwing a Frisbee is a great way for you and your dog to keep in shape. 

Giving your dog a good nutritional food will also help in maintaining good health.  It’s never wise to skimp on highly nutritional food for your dog.  When purchasing dog food, always check the labels to see what it contains and how much fillers it might have in it.  Dogs need to have a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals, to sustain good health. Always have fresh cold water available for your dog at all times.

Keeping your dog safe is another way of showing how much you love your dog.  When they are outside, be sure that they are in a secure safe area.  Always have a collar with a ID tag attached with important information on where to return your dog, if he or she gets lost. Caring for a dog is a rewarding job, with many returns.

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