A Few Easy Steps for Keeping Your Dog Bed Nice and Clean

A Few Easy Steps for Keeping Your Dog Bed Nice and Clean

We love our dogs but let’s face it; dogs aren’t exactly the most hygienic animals in the world. Just look at how dogs “greet” each other with a sniff each other’s rear end. So no matter how clean you think your house is, it takes a good deal of time and effort to keep it up to par in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. No where is this more true than dog beds.

Even if the dog bed is the prettiest or cutest bed you can imagine, it will get pretty dirty and grimy after awhile. Remember, it’s a dog’s bed. To help you out in keeping the bed nice and clean here are a few tips for making this task a little easier.

To start, it is important that your dog only has one bed and that is its bed. Many dog owners make the mistake of sharing their bed with the dog. You are only bringing dirt from outside on your bed and then sleeping in it. A dog bed is much easier to clean than your king-sized mattress.

An overlooked aspect of keeping the dog’s bed clean is to regularly brush and comb it. It is a lot easier to pull fur out of a dog brush than it is to wash all that fur out of the bed. This is especially true for long-haired dogs that shed a great deal. Some pet owners also like to vacuum all that fur out of the bed, which does seem to help. However, you will run into instances where the vacuum won’t get all the hair. If that happens get a wet rubber glove to scoop the remaining fur out easily and quickly. The static and dampness of the glove help the hair cling to the rubber.

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If you feed your dog wet or canned dog food, try not to leave it out for an extended time during the day. Some dogs are quirky and like to take their food to their beds to eat. This is fine with dry, easily cleaned food but wet, canned food can be quite messy in a fabric material bed.

I like to implement a sort of towel rotation during the winter when it is often wet and muddy outside. I use some cheap, fluffy towels and set them directly at the door where the dog comes in from the outside. Now you can stop and wipe the dog down or dry it off before it has a chance to bring all the mud further into your home.