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This is What Kenya Budget Safaris Would Offer

The word safari means journey and Kenya is believed to be the original home of Africa Safari Holiday. It’s also one of the homes of the five big wild animals of Africa, i.e. lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and the leopard which are the most popular wild animals to watch in a game reserve. Kenya is also famous for safari holidays where you can watch diverse natural resources, world famous annual wildebeest migration at Masai Mara, flora and fauna, coral reefs, mountains and the rich culture and traditions of the local communities. You can budget your safari to have a personalized tour to various places which will leave you with a thirst to want to come for more adventures.
If you are looking for adventure, budget safaris will include the best tours to various game parks and game reserves. You will adventure the exotic beauty of the landscapes, the wide variety of wildlife, golden beaches along the Indian Ocean and also a variety of birds. The Budget safaris also includes the Kenya Tanzania adventures, budget camping safaris, luxury holiday beaches, Luxuries lodge safaris, mount Kilimanjaro hiking and trekking, Mountain climbing adventures safaris, Kenya flying package, hotels booking and reservations among other adventures. A safari to Kenya is also about meeting the local people and learning their way of life. There are 42 tribes in Kenya who have different cultures.
Most wildlife camps are affiliate members of the Youth Hostels Accommodation (YHA). This is part of a worldwide hostel network which enables every tourist to explore Kenya at a low budget with maximum freedom, fun and flexibility. The camps also offer accommodation luxury large spacious tents with bathrooms that have hot and cold showers, changing rooms, flash toilets and lockers to keep your belongings. All this is done to ensure a comfortable, safety and an enjoyable vacation in Kenya.
You can also have a Volunteer Adventure Holiday in Kenya which is a community development program in the Western part of Kenya. It’s normally based on running projects, programs and activities in rural communities in Kenya targeting HIV orphaned children. The camp representative also offer Nairobi transfers from the airport to various destinations. If you have your safari in Kenya, you will learn, discover, face challenges, adventure and experience the best holiday ever. Spending your holiday in Kenya will be the right choice to adventure the unique natural beauty, historic and geographical features of this country. Don’t forget to tour Mombasa which is the second largest town in the country after Nairobi. Visit Fort Jesus the oldest building built by the Portuguese in the 19th century.…

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Get Your Dog’s Paperwork Organized Now!

Get Your Dog’s Paperwork Organized Now!

If you had to get your dog’s records right now, will you be able to find and retrieve them without any difficulty? While we all probably have a system for keeping track of family documents or stow them at the bank, many of us are not so organized when it comes to our dog’s information.

It’s a good idea to have all of your dog’s important records in one place so you can locate them with ease anytime when needed. So what documents are we talking about here? One significant item is your dog’s American Kennel Club registration if he is a pedigree. Your pet’s genealogy has historical value, just like your family ancestry. And should you lose the papers, you can still access the information as long as you have the registration number.

Other records that you might want or need to access quickly are:

* Medical history

* Licensing information

* Proof of ownership

* Breeding details

* Adoption papers including all prior history

* Insurance policy details

* Veterinarian contact information

* Emergency backup vet contact info

There are many reasons why you should keep your dog’s information organized. Some of these documents are required for international travel. If you relocate, it will be beneficial to be able to provide your new vet with your pet’s complete health and vaccination history. If you become ill or incapacitated, your dog’s records will prove helpful to the kind soul who takes care of your pooch for you.

You might also want to have a notebook where you can record information about your dog’s general well-being. List names of medications and details of dosage. Note any significant health issues or allergies. Enter upcoming appointments. Write down details of your dog’s rabies vaccination certificate and spay/neuter information. If he attends training classes, you can make notes to keep track of his progress.

If provisions have been made for your pooch in a will, write this down, too. Include a picture of him in the record for identification purposes.

Lastly, let your other family members know where your pet’s information is kept, as they might need to retrieve it and add data as well.…

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What Do These Crazy Chinchilla Noises Mean?

When you first get a chinchilla, if you haven’t studied or learned too much about them, you may be surprised when they start making noises. I’m not just talking about the noises they make when they are playing in their cage or chewing on stuff either. There are a wide range of different vocal noises that your chin may make depending on the situation and how he’s feeling.

All chinchillas are different and have a unique voice that you will be able to tell apart from other chins with practice. Because of this, the best way to learn what your little guy wants when he makes certain noises is to spend time with him and get to know his mannerisms.

Once he gets to know you, he will probably start to ‘coo’ when you come up to the cage and he knows he’ll get to come out and play with you. Chinchillas are definitely creatures of habit, and once they see an action enough and relate it to an event, they will start to learn what’s going on. For example, you might notice that your chinchilla will make a certain squeak whenever you walk by the cabinet that contains his treats. This is his way of telling you that he’s excited to get a snack, whether or not you were planning on giving him one.

You’ll probably notice that another noise they make sounds like a really tiny dog barking. This can mean a variety of things depending on your chin’s personality, but it usually means there is something wrong. Be warned though, because if he barks to get your attention and you come into the room, he will learn that all he needs to do is bark a bit to get some attention. Then he might start doing it at night and keep you up all night because he thinks it’s going to work. So be careful which messages you send.

As you spend time with your chinchilla every day, especially when you let him out of his cage and roam around, you will get to know him better and learn what his individual sounds mean. This will help you understand if he needs something, or if he is just being friendly and welcoming you home. Learning the different noises that your little friend makes is one of the most fun adventures that you’ll have with him. So pay attention to him and work hard to earn his trust and companionship.…

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Pet Dental Disease : More Than Bad Breath!

It seems that today?s pets are more pampered than ever. Pet owners indulge their furry friends with premium food and treats, colorful toys, and even dress them in posh, fashionable outfits. They get them kitty condos and obedience lessons, vitamins and vaccines. But there is one aspect of pet care that even the most loving owners tend to miss: Pet dental disease prevention.

Dental care is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of pet ownership, but ignoring it can not only cause major dental disease in pets, it can lead to more serious health problems including heart, kidney and lung disease. Shockingly, according to the American Veterinarian Dental Society, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show some signs of gum disease by age 2.

There are many types of dental diseases that dogs and cats can acquire. The most common are :

? Gingivitis

? Tooth abscess, especially of the carnaissal teeth

? Cavities

? Cracked teeth

? Worn down teeth

So what should a conscientious pet owner do to prevent dental disease in their pet?

It?s essential that dental care in pets, as with people, be preventative. Your pet?s teeth should have the tarter scraped off of them every 3-6 months, and be professionally cleaned under general anesthesia at least once a year.

The most important thing you can do at home to stave off dental disease is to brush your pet?s teeth. Brushing regularly will keep gums healthy and prevent tartar build up. Obviously, some pets will be more complacent about having their teeth brushed than others. Cats especially tend to balk at the idea of human fingers poking around their pearly whites. In these cases, you can slowly get your pet comfortable with tooth brushing by progressing from a finger, to a gauze pad or cotton swab (perhaps dipped in their favorite treat) on the gums, to eventually using a soft bristled toothbrush. Remember to always properly restrain your pet before brushing their teeth to avoid problems.

If you think these precautions seem over the top or unnecessary, think again: Studies have shown that taking measures to prevent dental disease in your pet may add as much as 5 years to their life. So go ahead and buy Spot that fancy collar and splurge on a new toy for Tabby. Just don?t forget to pick up that toothbrush while you?re at it!…

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Taking Dog Care Seriously

Taking Dog Care Seriously

Having a pet is one of the most endearing activities that one can have in a lifetime. Studies have shown that having a pet is a great way to reduce the amount of stress a person experiences. Pets are great listeners, they have the funniest way of making you smile, and they give nothing less than absolute love and loyalty to their owners.

As far as pets go, dogs and cats have always been rated as top favorites. But this time is devoted solely to dogs and proper dog care. The dog has always been known as man’s best friend and with good reason. Dogs by nature are social animals with a pack mentality. Naturally, they have a strong bond with their owner whom they consider as the alpha leader in a pack setting. Given the proper dog care and love, they will give you their utmost and unconditional loyalty and affection.

Dog care starts as early as puppy age for some while for those who choose to adopt, the dogs may already be older yet in need of the same loving care. Choosing to take care of a dog entails a lot of responsibility. As a dog owner, it is expected that the puppy will be raised and brought up responsibly and without any thought of abandonment once the novelty wears off. There have already been too many stories of dogs being abandoned by their owners after they lost interest in the activities of dog care.

As early as possible, part of dog care involves teaching the puppy to learn to identify the members of the family and proper house training. Refrain from using harsh methods to train the puppy as this will only serve to instill bad habits that can be difficult to correct when older. Instead, use gentle but firm instructions in teaching and make things constant so as to reinforce good behavior.

Feeding time is also an integral part of dog care. Keep feeding times constant as much as possible. A puppy needs to be fed several times during the day and the frequency decreases as the pup grows older. This will take gradually until the dog is able to adjust accordingly. Make sure that plenty of clean water is always available.

Potty training is also important. Most owners will usually find this aspect of dog care as one of the more difficult. It’s true that it requires a lot of patience to teach a dog where to relieve itself but this isn’t as difficult as it seems. Proper dog care requires that owners carefully and patiently train the dog to relieve itself in a particular location through plenty of positive reinforcement. With rewards and lots of affection the dog will be able to follow suit.

Spanking is not normally advisable. A dog by instinct will cower at the earliest sign of disapproval from its owner. A firm “No” is enough to show that his behavior is unacceptable. Make it a point to reward good behavior and be firm in correcting undesirable behavior. Through constant repetition, the dog will be able to understand and learn what is acceptable and not.

Dog care is very much similar to raising an infant child. With proper instruction and love, any dog will grow up to become a cherished and loving member of the family. There’s just nothing like the bond that a happy dog gives its owner and it is this fact that makes these animals so much fulfilling to be with.…

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Binturong, Also Known As a Bearcat

The binturong, also known as a Bearcat is a mostly tree dwelling mammal. The binturong’s natural habitat is up in the trees of the rainforest canopy. It is native to central Asia, namely China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The binturong is a nocturnal animal that sleeps on tree branches. Bearcats are omnivores, primarily eating various fruits but have also been known to eat vegetation, eggs and small animals such as birds and rodents.
The binturong’s name is curious as the animal has no relation in either the bear nor the cat families. It shall remain a mystery though as the local language that gave the binturong such an unusual name has since died out. The binturong has small dark eyes and short, rounded ears. The binturong tends to be the size and weight of a large cat.
The average binturong will weigh in between twenty and thirty pounds and between twenty four and thirty eight inches in length. The binturong’s body is covered with a short, course black fur. The binturong’s hind legs can rotate around backward so the animal can maintain a grip on branches.
The binturong also possesses a thick, bushy prehensile tail that usually doubles the binturong’s length and can be used as a fifth hand. The animal will beat its tail on the ground and on sides of trees as it walks. This action, along with a low howling, serves to announce its presence to other binturongs.
Along with the howling to herald its arrival, the binturong is also known to make other noises. They have been known to let out a low growl when threatened or territorial, a high pitched wail when irritated and a throaty chuckling sound while seemingly happy.
One of the binturong’s oddest attributes would have to be its natural scent. A binturong’s scent is used in drawing territorial lines, attracting an ideal mate and announcing location. Most humans who have come in contact with binturongs, whether it be in the wild or in captivity, compare the scent of the animal to the smell of hot, buttered popcorn or fresh from the oven cornbread.…

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Animals in Mythology – Explore the Mythological Attributes of Animals

Since the evolution of the human race, animals have been an inherent part of civilizations, irrespective of its location on the Earth. Animals were not only domesticated for human use but they also found place in various legends and myths. Animals of all sizes and might found a mention in mythology since ancient times. Certain animals portrayed in these myths were known to have astonishing, at times bizarre characteristics. In fact, some of the animals mentioned in mythology were make-believe and did not exist in reality.
Mythology has demonstrated animals in diverse roles such as that of heroes, mediators between the heaven and earth, resources of knowledge, and at times dangerous as well. Mythology showcases animals to have the potential to look into the future as well. Animals were projected to have the power to both, create and devastate.
The goat formed a vital role in Greek mythology. Goats symbolized lust and the hare was a sign of fertility. Pan, the goat God ruled over fauns, which were apparently half goat and half man. Another mention of this animal comes in the form of Amalthea, who took care of the God Zeus. As per the Greek legends, some of the trustworthy animals included the lions, leopards and horses. The mystical animal, Pegasus, demonstrated by a winged horse finds a special place in Greek mythology.
Mythology pertaining to different regions in the world showcases diverse traits of the same animals. Owl is an example of one such animal with discrepancy in character owing to the area concerned. While in the West, an owl stands for acumen and foresight; in the Eastern myths, it is regarded as an omen of death, disease and felony. The snake also seems to have been bestowed with two distinct profiles in mythology. Snakes have been portrayed as pets in the Greek and Roman legends, while elsewhere they were worshipped with dignity illustrating perpetuity. However, the image of the pig remains unaltered in most cultures. It has been regarded as a symbol of greed in most mythological stories.
In certain cultures like those of Egyptians, either a single animal would portray a God or at times, figures of God would have a human body and head of an animal. Their mythology highlights Bastet as a cat goddess and Horus as a hawk god. Some cultures in Asia and Native North America have elevated animals to the level of the creator of this planet. According to their legends, the earth is situated on the back of a gigantic turtle.…