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Insects During The Summer Months

A deciduous hierarchy is gorgeous most of the year. People descend in love with numerous types of deciduous grass because of the way that the plants look to come blooming during the months of pounce. A deciduous ranking, which has been bare all chill long, will thrive into an exquisite shade green influence. The affect can be termed a hunter green or a little lighter. As the deciduous ranking blossoms so does the surrounding environment. Flowers blossom as the environment seems to be renewed from a frost’s long lean.

After the give and summer months, as the seasons change to collapse, the deciduous ranking’s leaves will errand from a red, to a golden, to a ginger to a shade of brown before the foliage shed. This is an amazing spectacle to witness as the deciduous ranking seems to be painting a glorious picture across the countryside. Many people will take tours of a deciduous reforest during the fall spell. After the deciduous ranking changes ensign the hierarchy sheds its grass in preparation for the winter months.

There are several; insects that can establish to be lethal to a deciduous ranking. The gypsy moth is a nature of insect that can is a lethal killer. The gypsy moth has been known to destroy as many as a million acres of forests per year. This is a notorious insect whose damage is seen for days and days. The gypsy moth will lay obscured shine-tinted eggs in giant ample as the foliage emerge during the months of movement. The hungry larvae will hurriedly slay the deciduous ranking. There are preventive events that can be full that guarantee this will not happen.

The emerald ash bradawl is a variety of insect that can be described as an exotic, firewood-boring insect. This insect has been known to execute millions of ash trees. The emerald ash bradawl lay larvae on the ash ranking. The hungry larvae will supply on the bark of the hierarchy. If the feedings are big enough then the maggot will destroy the limbs of the hierarchy. The leads to the eventual strap of the ranking.

The longhorn beetle borer is a print of insect that was first found in Brooklyn, New York. The adult insects lay eggs in the open bark of the deciduous tree. The larvae then tire large galleries extreme into the copse of the tree. The feeding galleries are what disrupt the vascular functioning of the deciduous trees. The disruptions causes the deciduous tree eventually to become so weak that the tree will fall distant and die.

One last insect that should be mentioned is the elm bark beetle. The elm barked beetle is known to expand Dutch elm disease. This insect is on the “nastiest” listing of insect species. The Dutch elm disease fungus increase to healthful trees by the beetling transmitting spores from the unwell tree to the vigorous tree. Another way in which the disease can be daub is through tightly spaced search grafting. The bark beetle has been known to slaughter thousands of elm trees which are part of the deciduous tree family.…

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What to Do When Your Dog Has Gas

What to Do When Your Dog Has Gas

Somewhere in my memory there is a “you might be a redneck joke” that proclaims if your dog has gas and you take credit, you may fit the bill. All kidding aside, dog flatulence is hardly a laughing matter. Speaking from experience when my father would bring his Beagle to the house, I can remember clearing a room after a particularly nasty episode. As a dog owner, you probably don’t look forward to dealing with this sort of thing, either, so it’s best to work toward handling the problem before it gets too, uh, explosive.

It’s important, first, to determine the cause of the problem gas. Where people are concerned, we tend to get gas when we eat certain foods or intake too much air as we eat. It’s similar with dogs, so it’s probably a good idea to watch his/her eating habits for a few days to see how the food is eaten. Keep track of everything given to your dog in this time – meals, watch for instances where the dog might be chewing on a bone or a stick outside. From here you can work to eliminate foods gradually to determine if one of them is causing the stench.

For example, if you have been feeding your dog a specific brand of food, trying a small change – like from beef to chicken or turkey, or a meat-based meal to one that is more vegetarian – and see if it makes a difference. Take note of the combinations you use and watch for signs of gas. It is also a good idea, if you have a larger breed that may be more apt to eat fast – to try smaller portions and encourage slower eating.

Let’s say after experimenting with the food, you notice that the flatulence problem hasn’t gone away. What now? You can’t not feed your dog, but this may tell you that the food is not necessarily the culprit. There is the possibility your dog may have worms or some kind of bacteria that is causing the gas. At your earliest convenience, make an appointment with your veterinarian for an examination. The doctor will be able to tell you if your dog needs medication or a more drastic change in diet to help the gas problem.

Whatever you do, don’t let it get to you – literally. Your dog can’t help the smell, and there are temporary solutions to use like air fresheners or opening a window until you figure out the problem. Be mindful of what your dog eats and does, and you can eliminate the discomfort of gas for both of you.…

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Are You Really Your Dog’s Best Friend?

Are You Really Your Dog’s Best Friend?

Dogs have been man’s constant companion for over 15, 000 years and have developed a bond that makes them our closest ally in the animal kingdom. We have trained them to perform all manner of important work, from guiding the blind, to finding lost hikers to detecting contraband.

But perhaps the most important role that dogs perform in our lives is that of companion. It would be impossible for me to imagine my life without my dogs. And millions of people all over the world feel the same about their dogs.

But if humans and dogs are to co-exist in harmony there needs to be a set of rules that we both can live by. We need dogs to curb and alter some of their natural behaviors, like marking territory, territorial aggression and dominance.

Likewise, we have to change the way we act towards dogs. In the past, we have hunted the dog’s ancestor, the wolf, to near extinction, we have thrown dogs into to pits to fight, maim and kill each other, we’ve sent them to do battle with dangerous wild animals, we’ve used them as a food source.

Clearly, these behaviors are not acceptable in a modern, civilized world. Quite obviously these are not behaviors that one directs towards one’s professed ‘best friend’. And while the behaviors above are now rare in the western world, wholesale cruelty against dogs still exists.

Dogs are still chained, beaten and abandoned, millions are still euthanized in shelters every year. Puppy mills still exist to raise unfortunately ill-bred puppies, purely for profit.

And there are other more subtle forms of abuse too, sometimes by the most well-intentioned of individuals. Failing to exercise your dog in a form of abuse, so is allowing your dog to become obese, and failure to provide proper medical care. Another subtle kind of dog abuse is training, or rather, the lack of it.

It is an accepted fact, that dogs that have been trained are generally calmer, happier and more balanced. Yet few dog owners put in the time and effort needed to train their dogs.

There may be a number of reasons for this. The modern lifestyle places time demands on us all, and it is hard enough to balance work and family, let alone find time for dog training. Yet if you own a dog you must find time, because training is a core responsibility of dog guardianship, and an important one.

Time spent with your dog is never wasted, and if you are concerned that it will cut into the time you spend with your family, you’re looking at it in the wrong way. Your dog is a member of your family, and deserves as much attention as anyone else.

Why not involve your kids in the dog training activities? This is a wonderful opportunity to teach them how they should behave towards dogs and also an opportunity for the dog to learn to respect them.

Besides which, dogs are sociable animals who love to be at the center of family activities.

Just about the worst thing you can do to a dog is to ignore him. Sending a dog to an outdoor kennel where he can hear and see the family activities going on inside, activities he is excluded from, is incredibly cruel. Even independent dog breeds like Huskies crave human company.

Dog guardianship is one of life’s great joys, but also one that brings with it great responsibility. When you adopt a dog you assume the responsibility to make his life the happiest it can possibly be. You pledge to provide love, companionship, shelter, medical care, exercise and training.

Fulfill these obligations and you will have proven yourself worthy to be called dog’s best friend.…

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How to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Other Pets

How to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Other Pets

The process of bringing a new puppy at home and introducing him to the other pets should be handled very carefully. Following are six steps which should be followed while introducing your pets with the new puppy –

1. Always feed the other animals in the house before you bring the new puppy in your home. Give them a small snack.

2. After getting the puppy, introduce him to all of the other pets somewhere outside your house. This is very important especially in the case of some dominant animal already in the house. In this case, make sure that you make him meet the new puppy at least a block away from your home.

3. For at least forty five to one hour, take a walk with the existing animals and the new puppy. You should let your pets sniff the new puppy and play with him.

4. After this, you can go home with both sets of animals. Once you reach home, just roam around in the house for few minutes. This will let the animals get adjusted with the new pet that has arrived in the house.

5. After this, you should feed the established pets another snack but don’t give anything to the new pet.

6. After some time, give the established pets a full meal, and put an extra bowl for the new puppy also, but don’t let him eat from it. Always feed the new puppy after the older pets have been fed. Feed the established pet again, and this time put a bowl down for puppy. This will teach the established pets to not to eat from the puppy’s bowl.…

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Effectively Using Dog Treats As a Dog Training Technique

Effectively Using Dog Treats As a Dog Training Technique

As we all know, dog training is never as easy as it sounds. If you listen to some people, you would think potty-training your puppy is as easy as taking it outside for a walk and then the puppy does the rest. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is training a dog takes time, patience and above all, the proper training tools and when I say training tools, I mean treats. Dog treats as a reward are quite effective during all stages of training.

The reason dog treats work as a training tool is because dogs love them. While some words of encouragement might work for some pets, most dogs require a little more incentive for sitting, staying, or going potty outside and not in the house. Treats such as Greenies dog treats or bones are a great way to have your pet to without fail respond to your commands. I personally use them to reinforce desired positive behavior.

Dog treats as a training reinforcement is a better option to other methods of training which implement negative reinforcement, threats of violence or worse yet, actual physical punishment. How is a dog supposed to behave after being subjected to that type of behavior? The short answer is it won’t. Dog treats when used together with positive praising has been shown to be the best method for training a dog or puppy. For training treats to be effective, use one the dog really likes.

Another reason to use treats during training is to give the dog something to anticipate and look forward to during times of training. Dogs love treats and are appreciative to receive them even if they don’t fully understand the reasons for them. They’ll just associate treats with good behavior and thus continue that good behavior in hopes of receiving the reward.

One fact to consider is that is very important to the training that the dog receives the treat reward immediately. If it doesn’t, the animal either won’t know what the treat is for or worse yet, confuse being rewarded for something other than the positive behavior. This can threaten all your established behavior and training.

Above all else, consistency is the key. Try to practice it all the time and remind everyone close to the dog of the training rule and behavior guidelines. Make sure everyone who interacts with the dog uses the same commands in order to avoid confusing the dog. Everyone should also reward the dog for positive behaviors and not unwanted ones.…

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Adventures of a Masai Boy

The adventure life of most consultants and guides, especially those in tourism fraternity, commence as a joke during their tender ages. This is later developed into a hobby as they grow up doing almost the same type of activity that forms part of their life. Take an example of an orphaned Masai boy who grew up looking after cattle. In Kenya, Masai is one of the 42 ethnic tribes who have managed through thick and thin to maintain their traditional African culture. Their lives revolve around cattle rearing and migrating from one region to another in search of water and pasture for the large herds of cattle. Just imagine this young boy of 12 years for instance, alone in the thick bushes of Masai Mara, with all the risks of the black-maned lion or an aggressive rhino emerging from any direction!
Once in a while this has always happened, and a huge battle between the Masai boys has always come to pass. Surprisingly enough, the boys have always survived the fights with remarkable lion scratches that give them a right of passage from childhood to adulthood. After this memorable fight and a close encounter in this Kenya’s land of wildebeest migration, with a very high concentration of wild animals, the boy would definitely learn a lot about the animal’s behaviour and how to go about any sort of confrontation while in the bush.
Both the Kenya and Tanzania Masai communities share quite a number of similarities and follow the same cultural activities that make them different from the rest of the communities. The boys spend most of their days in the bush, feeding on wild fruits, dried meat and milk for their lunch. They know so many birds, that they can easily tell the species of different birds just by listening to their sounds.
Most of them actually track hyenas and wild dogs which sneak into their homes at night and attack their sheep and goats. Do you know how they do this? they look at the foot prints and sniff the leaves of shrubs that the wild animals might have walked through and this has always worked out for them perfectly well!!
They can make the best and the most sincere tour guides and safari consultants in the tourism field.…

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Care For Dogs Without Spending a Fortune

Care For Dogs Without Spending a Fortune

With the weakness in the economy, you can still find ways to save money without jeopardizing the health of your dog.  There is no need to sacrifice the quality that we provide for our pets.  There are numerous ways to save money when it comes to caring for your dog, without having to cut corners. 

When it comes to care for dogs, buying dog food in bulk can save money without lowering the quality of the food.  Purchasing dog food in large bags versus small bags is much cheaper in the long run.  By checking the newspapers, and the internet, you can find coupons that could save you large amounts of money on dog food. 

Consider making your own dog food.  This is not only cheaper, but it is also much healthier.  Purchasing the supplies for making your own dog food can save the dog owner hundreds of dollars.

Purchasing dog beds, toys, doghouse etc, can be quite costly, when purchasing them from the store.  Check the local flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores, which can save the dog owner large amount of money. 

By taking your dog for regular check ups can save money in the long run by being able to catch potential illnesses or health problems, before they become more serious and require expensive procedures and medication.  Many pet stores and pet pharmacies, can save the dog owner large sums of money on such items as flea treatments, medicated soaps, and products that are used on your pet. 

Lastly, giving your dog lots of love and attention has proven to keep your dog healthier and a better chance at living a long life. Giving the best care for dogs, results in a happy dog.…