5 Secrets To Keeping Your Jack Russell Dog Happy And Healthy

5 Secrets To Keeping Your Jack Russell Dog Happy And Healthy

My friends have been asking me how I manage to keep my Jack Russell Terriers happy and healthy. Well the answer is that it is actually an open secret but somehow many people including my other Jack Russell terrier owner friends seems not be aware about it. In this article, I am going to share the first 5 secrets on how I keep my dogs happy and healthy.

Secret No 1 – Provide your Jack Russell Terriers Plenty of exercise

Knowing the back ground of the Jack Russell terrier breed is important. Your terrier was “created” or cross bred by a parson in England to chase after small fast running prey like foxes. As such, it is in your Jack Russell terrier’s genes to run about and chase after things. Hence if you keep your terrier cooped up in your apartment, he has nowhere to expend this internal energy of his. This is a very important secret – give your terrier PLENTY of exercise. Let him run about to expand his energy.

Secret No 2 – Make Sure Your Terrier Has A Healthy Diet

What better way to make sure that your terrier has a healthy diet than to cook it yourself! When you cook the food for your terrier, you can make sure that the proper ingredients go into the food. However make sure that you get a good cookbook that provides you the recipes with the proper nutritional value for your dog. Avoid commercial pet food by all means if you can. However not all people have the time to cook for their dog. If you need to buy dog food, study the ingredients of the dog food carefully before you purchase them.

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Secret No 3 – Minimize The Amount Of Vaccinations

At this time vaccination requirements has changed very much. As such, your puppy many not need the whole range of shots that a puppy may need many years ago. Your adult Jack Russell may also need the annual booster shots. It is best to consult your vet on the type, amount and frequency of vaccinations your dog requires. If in doubt, it is better to get the opinion of a second vet.

Secret No 4 – Groom Your Terrier On A Regular Basis

It is important to set a schedule for grooming your dog. This because if we do not set a proper schedule, especially in today’s busy life style, we may tend to forget when we last groomed our dog. We may think that we last bath the dog two days ago but in fact it was one week ago!

Secret No 5 – Always Ensure The Safety Of Your Dog

We never know how many dogs get killed or maimed for life by accidents that could have been avoided in the first place. Always be on the lookout for potential dangers for your dog. For example, if your terrier loves chasing, make sure you properly train him so that he drops this dog chasing habit which may endanger him.

These are the 5 secrets to keeping your Jack Russell terrier happy and healthy. If you apply these five simple methods, I am sure you will have a happier and healthier best friend – just like I have.