3 Reasons to Enroll Your Pooch Into Obedience Training Classes

3 Reasons to Enroll Your Pooch Into Obedience Training Classes

Millions of dog owners neglect to train their pets or enroll them into professional training classes. Instead, they take a holistic approach. They allow their canines to adopt habits and tendencies that evolve naturally as a learned reaction to their environment. This approach can have unpleasant consequences.

Training your dog benefits everyone involved, including you, him, and every person he meets. Below, we’ll describe the three top reasons you should consider enrolling your pooch into obedience classes. You’ll discover how a well-trained canine will have more opportunities to interact with others, feel more secure in your home, and even avoid potential injuries.

Tip 1 – More Social Interaction

In order to prevent their pets from making a nuisance of themselves when people visit, owners often exile them to other rooms. Behind closed doors, they’re deprived of enjoying the chance to interact with others. This is usually done because poorly-behaved pooches often nip, jump on, or otherwise molest friends and family.

By contrast, a well-trained dog is normally welcomed by visitors. People tend to enjoy the company of a mild-mannered pet. By enrolling your canine into training classes, he’ll not only learn to adopt acceptable behavior, but he’ll have the opportunity to meet other people when they visit.

Tip 2 – A Clear Hierarchy In Your Home

Your pooch is a pack animal by nature. As such, he needs to feel secure with his place within the pack. When owners confront dominant behavioral tendencies in their canines, it is often because their pets are assuming control of the “pack.” That is, they gradually begin to perceive their owners as peers rather than pack leaders.

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Obedience classes are valuable for positioning you as the pack leader, and your pooch as subject to your authority. This provides more security for you, your pet, and your family. If your dog understands that you are the leader, he will respond more quickly and reliably to your commands. That reduces the likelihood that he will behave aggressively toward you or your family.

Tip 3 – Less Vulnerable To Potential Tragedies

Accidents happen daily which place canines in dangerous, potentially life-threatening circumstances. For example, if a dog manages to slip out of his collar while his owner is walking him, the sudden sense of freedom might encourage him to bolt. If he rushes into the middle of a busy intersection, he might suffer injury.

Professional obedience classes will train your pooch to respond immediately to the sound of your voice. If he slips out of his collar, a quick “stay!” will be enough to prevent his bolting. If a family member leaves the front door of your home open, telling your dog to “come!” will prevent him from running outside. He’ll be less vulnerable to accidental injury or worse.

Don’t underestimate the value of enrolling your canine into dog training classes. As a more socialized and obedient pet, he’ll enjoy a stronger bond with you, your family, and friends.