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Stop the Excessive Barking Problem With Your Dog

Stop the Excessive Barking Problem With Your Dog

When I was younger, I was quite the barker. I was easily excited by new people, animals, noises, and everything else around me. I wanted to try and communicate with my owner, and so barking seemed like a natural way to do it. She was thrilled when I barked to tell her I needed to go outside to go potty. Each time I would run and yip excitably, she would jump up and immediately run me out. This was a great tool of communication or so I thought.

Once I realized that if I barked, my owner seemed to figure out what I wanted, barking seemed like the way to go. The older I got, the more I barked. After all, I had a lot of things to tell her. I wanted to tell her there were squirrels in the backyard, and one night I wanted to let her know I saw a raccoon! She didn’t look so happy when she got out of bed to see “what all the racket was about.” I barked to let her know I ran out of food in my dinner bowl, and during family dinner, but only once or twice, I barked to have her help me find my toys I misplaced. I was so happy that I had a way to talk to her!

Slowly, she didn’t appear as happy to hear me bark anymore. Then one day I barked to say hi to her, and she squirt me in the face with water! What was that about? I thought she liked the sound of my voice, but since I am Lab, the water wasn’t too bad, and I guessed maybe we could play a game instead. So, I barked, and she squirted. I barked louder, and she squirted more. In the end, she put the water bottle down in disgust and left the room. I guess that was the end of that game.

I wasn’t sure if I should be barking anymore, but I didn’t know how to talk to her. My owner had always seemed so happy when I barked when I was young, and now that I was an adult, she wasn’t. I couldn’t figure out what had changed.

But then my owner started to do something differently. When I barked at her for attention, she ignored me! Can you imagine? She actually would turn her back on me. This hurt my feelings at first, and I thought maybe she didn’t love me. But the moment I got quiet, she threw me a treat and said, “Good quiet, Zoey!” I barked because I got excited, and she turned away from me again. I stopped barking and looked at her quizzically, but that made her give me another treat and that “quiet” word again. Pretty soon, I started to realize that if I barked, she ignored me. She had figured out a way to communicate with me too. Plus, she started to pay attention to me when I was quiet and gave me goodies.

Now, if I start barking, I know if my owner just says the word “quiet” what she wants me to do. This makes me proud to know we can communicate with each other. So even if I bark, I don’t bark as much anymore. My owner seems happy with that, and I’m happy too!…

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Simple Pet Care Tips

There are many pet owners who spend a major part of their monthly budgets at the local pet clinic. These pet owners have to take a few simple steps to ensure their pets are healthy and free from problems.
Preventative care of your pets is important if you want to keep your pet healthy and reduce the medical bills of your pet. The article will concentrate care of cats and dogs as they are the most common pets.
It is imperative that you give your pets Flea Medicine if you take them outside. You can buy flea medicine at a local store or at a pet shop. You can also buy them online as there are many websites that sell these medicines. These medicines are easy to use as you just have to follow the directions that are mentioned on the pack. People who have sensitive skin can use gloves when they apply this medicine. Even though you don’t have to touch the medicine with your hand it is in your interest that you use gloves.
To improve social acceptability of your pet and to improve your bonding with your pet, it is important you give your pet their weekly bath. Your pet will enjoy the bath even more if you join them in the shower. Avoid taking your dog to the grooming parlor for their weekly bath as it is expensive and does nothing to improve your relation with your pet.
It is important that you clip the nail of your pet regularly. This can easily be done if you have the right tools. Don’t buy complicated stuff that you find difficult to use. It is in your interest to introduce clippers early as most pets don’t like this procedure. When clipping the nails of your cat wrap them in a towel to save your hands from starches.
Brushing your dog can help in restoring the vibrant coat of your pet. It is a good idea to remove the extra fur as it helps the skin to breath and strengthens their immune system.…